February 21, 2012
Last week Ryan had a business trip to Germany and Switzerland.  No, I did not get to go but granted, he only found out he was jet-setting a week prior.  Ryan visited the cities of Frankfurt, Hannover, Luzern and Basel during his short 5 day trip and traveled hundreds of miles on their expansive train system.  It is their winter right now so temperatures in Germany topped out in the 20's while Switzerland was heating things up (joke!) with temps in the 30-40's.  I feel like it looks a bit dreary but by no means would I complain if I was heading there right now. 

(Clockwise from top left: dreary German afternoon, Hannover countryside, Frankfurt train station, Ryan's curry wurst sausage)

While he did not get to see as much of the cities as he would have liked, he did get to enjoy some delicious German beer and sausages, a jog through the countryside of Hannover, tasty Swiss wine and the views of tranquil Lake Luzern. 

(Clockwise from top left: Basal after hours, Luzern church, the 4th largest lake of Switzerland, Luzern countryside)

I am hoping someday in my future I will be able to see Switzerland with my own eyes.  Ryan said it was picturesque and he would go back for vacation.  Hopefully that means with me.  For now, I will have to rely on some of the pictures he took and just imagine. 


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