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February 20, 2012
One of my favorite and most special details to our wedding was my idea to have a non-traditional guest book.  I wanted something that I could see on a regular basis that would instantaneously bring me back to the day I said 'I do'. 

After a lot of website searching and then bouncing ideas around, Ryan and I decided to buy two large metal letters (one for each of our initials) that we then had guests sign at the reception.  A couple months back we pulled them out and over dinner and took turns reading all the beautiful wishes our loved ones left for us.  It was such a special moment to hear aloud how much love one day can bring from our friends and family.

Well, nothing made me happier to finally get those letters up on our wall this past weekend.  Ryan and I decided to hang our R and J in our living/dining room on floating shelves that were also a wedding gift.  We now walk past them every day and get to relive the best day of my life over and over.

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  1. I know how you feel. I did the standard sign the mat on one of our wedding photos. I find myself standing and reading mine as well. Love the blog and found you from the cardigan junkie post. Check me out and follow if you like.


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