Restaurant Review - Marco's Coal Fired Pizza

February 24, 2012
Marco's Coal Fired Pizza is not an unfamiliar restaurant in my household... it is one of our go-to's because of their consistently delicious pies, their mouth-watering chicken wings and an ambiance that is both welcoming and well designed.

What sets Marco's apart from the competition is they are more than a pizza joint.  It's a place you want to go with friends on a Friday night, the fast and affordable lunch spot that will have you leaving full for under $10 and a great date-night to share a delicious meal in a beautiful setting.  I love the wrought iron details that break up the dining space, the large colorful glass tiles that adorn the back walls and the exposed kitchen which features their pièce de résistance, the coal-burning pizza oven, straight from Italy.

This visit to Marco's started with an order of their famous Coal-Fired Lemoncello Chicken Wings.  The wings are marinated in lemoncello (an Italian liqueur), rosemary and  spices that are then baked in the coal-fired oven.  They come to the table smelling like heaven, accompanied by foccasia bread and grilled onions.  Once you get a bite of the lightly-charred skin and the juicy chicken, your mouth will water for more and the onions add a sweetness that balances out the whole dish.  We also ordered a newer pizza to the menu, the Sicilia.  The thin-crust napoletana pizza was topped with velvety ricotta, spiced Genoa salame, fresh Mozzarella, salty proscuitto cotto, marinated artichokes, earthy mushroom and my favorite, San Marzano tomato sauce (enter mouth drool here!).  This pizza is one I would order again because of the great balance of texture and flavor.  However, I might ask for a little heavier hand with the tomato sauce, personal preference I guess.

I love that every time we visit Marco's, we are welcomed with beautiful ambiance and delicious food time and time again.  Marco's now has a 2nd location in the Denver Tech-Center that has an expansive patio for alfresco summer dining.  I don't know when I will be back but I know what will be waiting for me at Marco's and that is reason enough to plan my next visit. 


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