Weekend Update

February 27, 2012
I think I am going to start a new weekly post wrapping up my weekend.  What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) is a photography term that refers to how an image will finally appear once on display.  I thought it would be a fitting title knowing that my posts incorporate both text and photography.  Please enjoy...

After a slow and lazy weekend I am happy to start a new week with energy, excitement and a somewhat busy schedule for the days to come.  This past weekend included:

We had a lot of quality Rocco time. 
He was very cuddly, playful and nearly 100% with his potty training!

 I spent some time with Dora the Explorer this weekend for a client event. 
Yes, part of my job is bringing in costume characters for local events and sponsorships. 

We bellied up to the bar at The Hornet for some afternoon drinks and snacks on Saturday.  

We woke up early for Hot Yoga, followed by my favorite breakfast item, oatmeal and a wet cappuccino. 

Had lunch with friends at our favorite neighborhood spot, Park Burger and I tried their deliciously creamy and rich peanut butter and chocolate shake.

Took in the last DU Basketball game of the season which they won. DU is now heading to the Sun Belt Conference Tournament in hopes to land a spot in the NCAA Championship.

We had dinner and watched the ho-hum Academy Awards with my parents and sister. 
Thank goodness dinner was good because the show was a bit of a downfall.


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