Spring has Sprung

March 20, 2012
Hooray for the first day of Spring!  We are getting closer to consistently warmer temperatures, Easter (which means my 3rd Annual Easter Brunch and lots of family time), white pants, tons of beautiful florals and maybe even a little Spring getaway!

Spring almost feels like a new start.  A chance to brush off all that builds up over the cold winter months (figuratively, mentally, realistically, etc).  It also means spring cleaning, lots more workouts to get ready for summer pool wear and most likely at least one more storm to remind us that winter is lurking in Colorado, even after a 70 degree day.

On a slight change of topics, I wanted to give a recap to my month of unlimited Yoga that I mentioned here

(Upward Facing Dog)

My goal was to go to yoga at least 15 times over the 30 days of my Groupon.  Sadly I will admit I did not quite hit my goal but I did return to my mat 10 times and I am really proud of myself for it.  I was able to finally successfully get into Crow, properly do an Upward Facing Dog (who knew it involved so much upper body strength) and get some limberness back in my limbs.  I might have to now check out a 24 Hour Fitness yoga class and give up on my love, CorePower Yoga but at $18/class, it's not really practical.  That is unless I find another great deal online. 


  1. I am so giddy for Easter this year! Always a beautiful day full of love, and leaving will full tummies of delightfully scrumptious food! This year's goal is not to be the Lopezs' roommate 2nd year in a row. Think that is a goal I can keep?! Only time will tell....

  2. I go to power yoga at club fitness and they do a pretty good job, although I am no pro.


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