Happy Hump Day

April 4, 2012
I am feeling a bit uninspired today and I am not quite sure why.  I am going to use today’s post to give a few updates on my world…
I am in my cleaning mode to get my house just perfect before this Sunday’s 3rd Annual Easter Brunch.  It is one of my favorite celebrations because it is the only true holiday’s we host in our home (besides a beer-drinking Halloween party).  I am very excited to set up my Bloody Mary bar, arrange a couple spring bouquets and to try my hand at making Martha Stewart’s Honey Ricotta Turnovers among a few other brunch dishes that are sure to please. 

There have been quite a few late nights in our house over the past couple of weeks because of work creeping into personal time versus staying in the happy little window of 9-5.  I wish it was not the case but I am 100% understanding of why and that it is necessary for the job at hand.  I just hope it doesn’t last too long.
Rocco is scheduled for his 2nd grooming this weekend and we are trying a new groomer based upon an excellent recommendation from my sister-in-law Krista.  I hope my baby Rocco looks adorable, evenly groomed and his coat is shiny like the sun.
My husband and I bought our charming 1922 brick bungalow 2 ½ years ago now and while we have made some major updates (new windows, changed out nearly every lighting fixture, painting our office/kitchen/basement) the one major project we have yet to tackle is our backyard.  Well, 2012 is the year to do it and we have kicked off this project.  We have met with a couple landscapers to quote out a new patio, a couple plantings and the installation of a much-needed sprinkler system but plan on excavating, laying sod, edging and landscaping ourselves.  Ryan would probably like to do everything himself if I would let him but I feel like there are some things that you need to leave to the professionals.  I should take some ‘before’ pictures to show you the space and what we are up against.
Next weekend is my other sister-in-law, Peyton’s first high school prom (she is 12 years my junior).  She has gone to homecomings and sweetheart dances previously but her boyfriend is a junior so she gets to attend this dance for the first time.  I have the privilege to do her makeup which I always love!  I honestly feel like a proud mom when Peyton is going to a dance.  I take pictures, run around trying to make sure everything looks just as she would like and cannot help but slightly tear-up when the corsage slides on her wrist.  I think I am going to go buy her a pair of false lashes to really pump-up her look for this special day.

I have made a mini-goal for myself to drink more water.  I just read online (cannot remember where) that every person should take their weight and divide it by 2 and the total is the number of ounces of water one should drink every day.  No, I'm not sharing my number but lets just say I previously had not been drinking my target ounces every day but have had success today.

Alright, happy hump day (Wednesday)… enjoy your evening!

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  1. I wish we didn't have to worry about work once we got home. Maybe one day!


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