My 'Network' is a Go!

May 31, 2012

I have to give some major props to my friend Phil at A Phil's Life who hooked me up with some serious technology today!  I have been wanting to create some links on my site to give a more-user friendly experience for my viewers for quite some time but do not have the Photoshop chops to do it on my own.  Well, Phil to the rescue as he created my new fabulous links so all of you can check out my Instagram page, all my pins on Pinterest, send me an email and finally, follow me through my new RSS feed.

Seriously, I am so excited about this addition to my blog.  I hope you guys like the changes and make sure you also check out Phil's blog.  Again, my many thanks... maybe Steak Frites will be coming your way after all!


  1. Ooooh what great additions!!

  2. I gotta admit, they do look pretty gooooood!


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