Weekend Update

November 6, 2012
This weekend was a busy one for sure.

(drinking coffee and bloody marys)

Over Saturday morning brunch at Cafe│Bar, Ryan and I decided we finally wanted to pull the trigger on a major house project that we have been talking about for awhile now.  More details to come but the rest of my Saturday afternoon was consumed by this project and while it is not 100% complete yet, I am already loving the results.

(fresh mozzarella  /  san marzano tomato  /  basil  /  pepperoni)

Our evening finished off with a night in and homemade pizza with our friend Brian.  We brought the pizza stone outside to our grill which is my ultimate favorite way to cook pizza.  You get a nice smoky flavor on the crust which you just cannot achieve in the oven.  

(Rocco cuddling with us on the couch)

Sunday kicked off at the gym... I am a little surprised they let me in as it has been so long since my last visit.  I have been wanting to get back into my gym schedule but a certain 3 lbs boy named Rocco steers my attention elsewhere.  However, Ryan and I have set a goal to go 3 times this week and I am hoping that I do not disappoint.

(delicious grilled wings  /  photo courtesy of Luke Lopez)

My brother-in-law Luke came over to watch the Broncos whoop the Bengals.  We hung on the couch, snacking on delicious wings which I also grilled (are you sensing a trend here?!).  Do you ever grill wings?  It gives a delicious char to the skin and is much healthier than frying and results in a better texture than baking.  I could not have asked for better company to watch the game, even if  I did not see the end of the 4th quarter as I decided to take a nap.

(the fireplace behind the bar)

Sunday night ended at the bar of Colt and Grey.  We were not very hungry so we shared a vegetarian gratin of parsnip, rutabaga and potato with a glass of Malbec for me and a Pilsner for Ryan.  The roaring fire behind us and the low light made for the perfect ambiance to decompress and get ready for the week ahead.   


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