December 4, 2012
My apologies for my absence on this little blog of mine over the past few days... there has been quite a busy schedule celebrating my husband's big birfday (friends and family over for a little celebration, a couple nice meals out and visits to the in-laws) and also a lot of relaxation on the couch.  Thus, my computer has been tucked far away for days. 

Today I am powering through a headache that developed early last night and has decided to stick around to haunt my morning.  I have to thank my amazing husband for waiting on me as I whined and pouted (no judging people!) into the wee-hours last night because I was having a bit of a diva-headache-moment.  He really does have more patience and compassion than I might have if the rolls were reversed.  

I am off to get some more tea, advil and hopefully a nice lunch.  Wishing you all a good Tuesday! 

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  1. Ohh you sweet thing, and our lunch was the furthest thing from quiet today! Rest up, and you know where the tension headache is.


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