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December 10, 2012
It is going to be a crazy week ahead for my schedule and I don't know if I am going to be mentally, physically or emotional prepared for all that is chalked up on the calendar.  Starting Wednesday, I have 5 straight nights  booked and I can only hope I have enough energy for all of them.

Day 1:  after work meeting followed by dinner with a major business partner
Day 2:  a going away fete for my best friend Beth
Day 3:  Beth's last day at work (insert sobbing) and my sister's 2nd Annual Christmas Party
Day 4:  Ryan's company holiday party
Day 5:  My niece Makenzie's 4th birthday party at Chuck E Cheese

(2011 Christmas Party:  games  /  wine  /  friends  /  delicious food  /  holiday cheer)

If Gina's Christmas Party it is anything like last year, I am guessing that we will drink entirely too many bottles of wine, get ultra-competitive over some board games and laugh into the wee hours of the evening.

(via BCBG for Macy's)

Saturday is my husband's company party and I am still unsure what I will be wearing.  I was set on this dress from BCBG but it is no longer available.  I loved the idea of the emerald green dress mixed with my golcorso como pumps and gold accessories but now I am back to the drawing board.

(Makenzie carving pumpkins for Halloween 2012)

My niece Makenzie turns 4 here in a couple weeks but we are celebrating early at Chuck E Cheese.  A few games of ski ball, a slice of pizza and a handful of rambunctious children will surely make for a fun Sunday.  

(at Gina's 29th Birthday, July 2011)

And this girl here... my bestest friend is departing from the company we have worked at together for 5 1/2 years.  I can still remember the outfit I was wearing when I met Beth, one of the first times we hung out (it was the lacrosse game on July 4th) and the thousands of memories we have made along the way.  I think a part of me is leaving the company too on Friday.

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  1. First of all I have to laugh at the above picture, thinking how amazing it would be if you posted your photo from the day we went and got our makeup done. Hahahahahhahaha..!!! Now at least I'm crying with tears laughing over crying with sadness. It's a refreshing change. I love you desperately and can not wait to make hundreds more memories with you this week!!!!!! LYLAS!


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