Breakfast for Dinner

April 12, 2013
My husband and I's weekly tradition is to have breakfast for dinner on monday nights.  This tradition was not intentional but mostly due to not having a lot of groceries on hand for the start of the week.  Yet, like most of us, we typically have flour in the cabinet and eggs and milk in the fridge which is a good starting point for nearly all breakfast foods.

Any given monday you can walk in our house (not literally speaking here) and smell syrup for belgium waffles or homemade lemon-ricotta pancakes. Bacon or sausage links sizzle away in my cast-iron skillet.  We make eggs of every variation, scrambled with sharp cheddar, over-medium with a sprinkle of s+p or a fluffy omelet filled with the veggies we have on hand.  Every once and awhile I will make a big german pancake in the oven, roast potatoes with onions and herbs, roll everything up in warm tortillas for breakfast burritos or make a pot of coffee to drink late into the night.  Each monday holds a bit of a different menu but the story is always the same... breakfast for dinner.  

Do you have any weekly meal traditions?  What is your favorite breakfast food?  If you have any good recipes, I would love for you to share in my comments section.


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