Vacation Wrap Up // Vail Film Festival

April 3, 2013
I mentioned in yesterday's post that this past weekend was spent in vail for the vail film festival.  Well, I have finally uploaded and edited the photos to share with all of you, my lovely readers.

 We caught quite a few films over the 3 days including a documentary called spinning plates which I have not been able to get out of my head.  I was extremely moved by this film and it has really got me thinking about where my love of food, cooking and dining-out stems from.  More on that soon!  I seriously would encourage everyone to find 110 minutes of their day to sit down and watch this film.  Here is a preview of the film.

Other highlights included eating smores and drinking wine by the fire at our hotel, seeing some of the artists from hotel cafe perform at a live concert, eating amazing meals at both matsuhisa sushi and elway's, drinking stellas at the vip hospitality suite and all the laughs/memories created with ryan, luke and krista.  Our time together is not only relaxing but easy, hilarious, fun and full of new experiences.

This was the 4th year that the four of us have been to vail together for the festival and I can only hope that next year we will again, have this opportunity to get away and be able to enjoy another year of films.


  1. Looks like a lovely vacation, Haime! Totally jealous...even about the steak dinner that you didn't post much about ;)


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