Weekend Update

April 16, 2013
Happy tuesday.  This post could have gone up yesterday but... a day late, a dollar short and here we are with my weekend update.  Friday was an impromptu dinner date with my mom and some shopping at ikea.  We got to do some girl talk, wishfully 'window shop' and have some much needed quality time together.  

My sister-in-laws' junior prom was this past weekend as well.  She looked so beautiful and I was able to get some great shots of her on my new camera too.  Sunday was spent primarily in my pjs, on the couch, cuddling with rocco and yes, even eating all of my meals hunched over the coffee table (no judging).  I did manage to make it out of the house for a grocery run but with the wind blowing, at home with my family was all I wanted.

Oh and my husband bought me some beautiful jewelry while on a business trip last week.  Such a sweet surprise... he is such a romantic. 


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