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May 21, 2013
The tater tot is often synonymous with childhood.  Fried or baked, they are pretty lifeless beyond  their nubby shape.  However, über sausage in lohi has put an adult spin on them which has since changed my opinion on this rendition of the potato.  
The main difference in über sausage's tater tots are the range of toppings.  Diners can choose from seasonings like cinnamon and sugar, ranch, creole and even malt vinegar to amp up the simple tots.  However, if you are really looking to add some subsistence and layers of flavor, there are ingredients like hatch green chilies, housemade mango pico de gallo, a sweet and spicy berry chipolte and a siracha aioli.  

(my loaded tots)

When I stopped in a couple of weeks ago for the vietnam sandwich, I also order a side of the tots.  The sandwich was good but the tots were the standout which I also devoured.  My tots were topped with cheddar cheese, crispy badon lardons, a rich cream fresca and fresh scallions.  The flavor combination has been done before but über's ratio of toppings to tots was spot on.  Next time you are looking for a great snack while in the lohi neighborhood of denver, pop into über and check out the tots.  They might very well change your memories of your childhood tots too! 

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  1. You're probably going to judge, but I think the chili cheese tots at Sonic are outstanding.


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