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July 17, 2013
Brunch at denver's root down is synonymous with patio dining, a hipster vibe and those delicious bottomless mimosas. They draw a huge crowd every weekend and diners rarely blink twice when the host says the wait will be upwards of an hour. Root down's success comes from a combination of elements, all working together to create a great dining experience. Yet, at the end of the day, its all about the food and for me, the daily pastry duo is the 'end all be all' item to order while brunching at root down.
One morning you might be greeted with a still-warm chive and cheddar scone paired with a jalapeno butter along side an apricot muffin to fill with a dollop of mixed berry jam. Your next visit could include a perfectly baked croissant and a house-made bread to schmear with an herb butter that is rich and light, all at the same time. The combinations typically feature a sweet and savory item with ingredients that are locally grown and seasonal.

A quick note, root down likes to keep this menu item fresh, so, no order is ever the same from week to week. The surprise of what will be delivered to your table is half the fun and I have never been disappointed. Just know, your order will always feature house-made pastries, butters and jams. Hopefully your next brunch at root down will be on a relaxing weekend morning and the daily pastry duo will be greeting your table to kick off your brunch on the right foot.

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