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July 9, 2013


Last week I was invited to attend my first ever fashion blogger event. Poshmark welcomed local bloggers to a posh party at denver's four seasons hotel. For those of you who don't know, poshmark is an online-based retail community where women buy and sell designer clothing from each other’s 'closets'. Its like the cooler and way easier version of ebay for all things fashion. 

(gina and I  //  the four season hotel)

The event featured four denver fashion bloggers, amanda from glam mandie, lia from smart n snazzy, marion from marionberry style and kim from oh, sweet joy along with representatives from poshmark. It was a beautiful evening in denver for cocktails on the pool terrace along with snacks and some great photo opps against the silver streamer backdrop. 

(beautiful planters on the pool terrace  //  drinks at the post party)

I hope you go and check out these ladies' blogs and also create a profile for poshmark. Seriously, go create an account and start filling your closet with items you want to sell because there are so many amazing things to buy as well. My sister and I had such a fun night and hopefully the first of many more opportunities in denver for local bloggers.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome write-up of the event and the awesome shout out! So wish we could have met, let's meet up for coffee sometime!
    xo ~ Lia
    Smart n Snazzy


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