30x30 Remix // Day 4

August 9, 2013
The hardest part of having to post photos of yourself everyday is finding someone to shoot them. My husband was up early today for work and he is my go-to photographer (not by his choice) so, guess what that meant for me... I was up early too. I don't know how fashion bloggers find the time to photograph their outfits every day. If your schedule is busy, when do you find the time to shoot? Also, you cannot just ask anyone to take a picture of you (or at least I can't because I feel like a moron!) so it is quite the perplexing situation, if you ask me. Anyway, I layered up a gingham button down with a bright cardigan and white denim today. I feel like it is preppy, summery and also a little chic.

(j.crew gingham button down  /  cardigan  /  target sandals  /  forever 21 earrings  /  the limited white denim (currently on sale))


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