Weekend Update

September 16, 2013
Last friday I said I was going to have the laziest weekend possible and guess what, I was pretty accurate with me prediction. On friday I had an awesome street taco lunch at comida with my dad and sister followed by a lazy night with ryan. We took rocco for a walk  listened to the rain. Saturday was pretty low-key too, a couple quick errands and then a nice evening in.

Gina, ryan and I popped a couple bottles of wine, enjoyed ina garten's 1770 meatloaf and talked around the dining room table for hours. It was one of those nights where you felt like the food, atmosphere and company were giving you a huge hug all night long. Not to mention, it was one of the first nights I have used the oven in months.

As the rain continued to fall on sunday, ryan and I slowly made it out of the house for some coffee and then a trip to the gym. With it being broncos sunday, ryan, rocco and I (outfitted in our broncos gear) made our way to my parents house to watch the game. Tasty game-day snacks and lounging on the couch made for a nice sunday afternoon. Oh, and the broncos beat the giants, hooray!

With all the crazy weather in colorado right now and the flooding effecting so many homes/families, a lot of my down time was also spent watching the news. My heart goes out to all affected by the flooding in colorado.


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