Weekend Update

November 4, 2013
I blinked my eyes and my weekend was over... even with the additional hour of sleep from daylight savings. Crazy how some weekends feel like they are in slow motion and others feel like a nano-second of time.

Friday night was the home opener for the denver nuggets and while they lost the game, ryan and I had fun. We got rally towels, had a couple cocktails and took in the beauty of the nuggets new enormous scoreboard

On saturday morning, rocco got a hair cut and then we met my family at rootdown. After a filling breakfast, we headed home for some fall yard work. I have to give ryan some serious credit for the hours he spent bagging leaves, irrigating the yard and getting things winter-ready. Saturday night we spent making the most delicious steak and pasta dinner; seriously, it was one of those meals that you linger over not wanting to end.

On sunday my brother-in-law came over to watch football and I made some game-time snacks, ran errands and took rocco out for a walk because the weather was in the 60s. I am trying to take advantage of any warm weather possible before the snow hinders our outdoor fun (I guess they are predicting snow for tonight! ugh.). So that is a glimpse at my weekend. I hope you made the most of yours as well.


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