Favorite Christmas Movies

December 5, 2013
There are few better things than getting cozy on the couch in the middle of the afternoon with the softest blanket to curl up in and a frothy cup of hot cocoa to watch a classic holiday movie. It is one of my favorite things about this time of year. I have a few holiday favorites that I look forward to watching every december, here are my favorites...

This is my top christmas movie ever. A bustling house full of love, humor and a bit of chaos... exactly what I hope to have one day. The ending always makes me cry but in the best of ways. Oh and claire danes hair is s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g the entire movie, so jealous.

Something about renting a quaint cottage in the middle of the english countryside is so enticing to me. I also love how happenstance the romantic relationships start out between both couples but then turn into something so much more. Side note, cameron diaz' house is so well decorated and her style throughout the movie is amazing as well.

All home alone movies, 1 2 and 3 are so great. My husband and I quote these movies year round (I hope we are not the only ones). They are the quintessential holiday movies that children and adults have fun watching.

The santa clause movies show tim allen at his best. The movies are lighthearted and they always put me in a great mood. When I was a kid I was in awe of the movie's magical snow globe and always wanted one too.

Rudolph brings me back to my childhood; being at my grandparents or aunt & uncle's house watching a family movie after christmas dinner. All of my cousins would cuddle up on the couch in the basement together and the adults would eventually make their way in too. I miss that time together.

Alright, die hard might not be your go-to holiday movie but it does take place at a christmas party and bruce willis is pretty bad-ass. I love the die hard trilogy because I always watched them with my dad. Also, argyle, the limo driver looks so cool jammin out to music in the garage basement.

The best way to spread christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. Elf might be the funniest holiday movie to date and it never gets old to watch... even in the middle of summer. Will ferrell killed it playing this role! 

What are your favorite christmas movies? I know at least a few of you will say love actually, right?!?!

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  1. Good choices! I love these too. I would add Love Actually :)


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