Holiday Decor // Potted Trees

December 3, 2013
I love decorating for christmas. The day after thanksgiving I am not at the mall trying to find a great black friday deal. Instead, you can find me at home, pulling out all my holiday boxes and spending a couple hours making my house feel as festive as possible. I typically try to stay within a general color scheme (gold, silver, white and hints of red) to make things feel cohesive and not like christmas is spewing out of every shelf and corner of my home. 

This year I would love to incorporate a small potted pine into my holiday decor. I have found a ton of great inspiration on pinterest and have become obsessed with this look. Regardless if it is a natural wood box, a porcelain pot or even a glass vase, I just know I will be adding one into my house.

What do you think? Are you loving the potted pine look?


  1. Something very special with a small potted tree. Love the look! Hope you're staying warm!


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