Hello Spring

March 21, 2014
Yesterday was the first day of spring. I don't know if I woke up feeling like I was a new person or anything but something about just hearing that the cold and snowy season of winter was officially over made me feel a bit better about things. I know it is a total placebo but i'll take it.


Spring is time for new growth, new opportunities and of course, spring cleaning. The cleaning part is probably something I'll need to delve into in another post but the other aspects are what I am looking forward to the most. We have a possible trip to nashville in april, a wedding in hillton head and my sister-in-laws senior prom and graduation in may which all make me super excited for the months ahead. Oh, and something I look forward  to each year, a long weekend in vail attending the vail film festival in just under a week. Hooray.

I know the next few months are going to bring a lot of activity (some that I cannot even mention here just yet) and some serious balancing of our schedules but I am welcoming it all with open arms. Spring, give me your best shot, I am ready for you!


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