Weekend Update

March 17, 2014
Hi there. I am having a serious 'case of the mondays', is anyone else feeling the same? Friday night ryan and I made dinner at home and spent the evening with luke, krista and my nieces. We stayed up late telling stories and watching the extremely scary movie, the conjuring

Saturday was sunny and after a quick trip to home depot, we got a crazy bug to do something spontaneous. So, we jumped in the car and drove up to blackhawk and spent the afternoon playing blackjack and roulette at the ameristar casino. Sadly we did not come home with a bag of loot but we did have a blast. Then, I spent the evening at my friend deb's house for a yummy italian dinner and lots of quality girl time.

Yesterday was yet again a beautiful spring day and I hosted beth, mary, lindy and gina for brunch. Mimosas, these awesome hash browns and baked egg boats were enjoyed between endless laughs and stories. Rocco got a lot of cuddle time in too between brunch and then dinner at ryan's family's that night. Maybe the reason today is a bit of a lull is because my sunday was full of friends, family and tons of happiness?!?! 


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