Eat This // Grilled Hanger Steak

April 12, 2014

Hanger steak is not a cut often seen on menus of trendy and high-end restaurants but the kitchen next door in glendale is serving up one with some serious flavor. Well seasoned with a delicious char from the grill will awaken your taste buds upon first bite. With the addition of the kitchen's herbaceous salsa verde, which tastes more like a chimichurri due to the flavors of acid, garlic and spices, your hit with bright and earthy flavors all at once. To round out the dish, crispy garlic smashers (awesome!) and a simple arugula salad accompany the steak. The best part? This very filling, large-portioned and delicious dish come in under $17. I cannot wait to go back and enjoy the hanger steak alfresco on the restaurant's large patio with a crisp glass of wine this summer. 


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