The Mom I Want to Be

May 10, 2014
Today is all about celebrating the mother's in our lives that have molded and nurtured us from small babes to functioning and responsible adults. While I am not a mother yet (unless you count rocco, then I would say I am not only a mom but a super wonderful one) I know there are a lot of qualities I want to bring to raising a child of my own one day. So in no particular order...

I can only imagine what an undertaking it is to raise a child and it is not a job I would ever want to take  on without certainty or a 100% investment of my heart. I know all parents make mistakes and their is no guide-book to ensure every decision you make is correct but I feel like if you put your heart into it, have the ability to admit your wrongdoings and learn from them, then you have won half the battle. To the wonderful mothers of the world, this day is for you. I hope to join your team some day and be a mom that my child will want to look up to.


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