Dreamin of a Pool Day

June 21, 2014
Today would be the perfect day to pack up a big tote, fill it with refreshing snacks, a new book to dive into and find a pool to lounge by all day. It is nearly 90 degrees here in denver and the weather is begging me to relax in the sun. I put together my dream pool day essentials... a nautical inspired suit, classic accessories and a bit of sparkle to keep things fun. Now, if I only had an open schedule to make my dream a reality. Oh shoot. The day will not be a total loss and I will be outside enjoying time with friends + family but you know... a girl can dream of a quiet day by the pool. 

(sunnies  /  beach towel  /  link bracelet  /  wrap bracelet  /  cuff  /  suit  /  tote  /  hat)

Hope you are enjoying your saturday. And if you are outside... don't forget your sunscreen! 


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