Parkinson's Vitality Walk

June 4, 2014
This past sunday I got up early to help my sweet friend mary and dozens of volunteers put on the 12th annual vitality walk benefiting the parkinsons association. Hundreds of participants flooded washington park in matching team colors with smiles on their faces to help raise awareness and fight parkinson's disease. 

(mary and I at the kids activity booth)

Mary got there super early to set up tents, tables and tons of balloons at the starting area of the race. I arrived shortly after to put the finishing touches on our booth... the kids activities area. Markers and crayons were put out for a drawing station, and pots of bright colors, brushes & sponges were then set up on the opposite end for face painting. 

(left to right:  wash park as the sun rises  /  drawings  /  the starting line balloon arch  /  drawings)

While neither of us (nor the other high school volunteers who joined our booth) had much face painting experience, I think we did a pretty decent job decking-out the faces of both kids and adults. Oh and you would have thought mary drew minions in her spare time as she painted at least a dozen in the hour leading up to the race with precision and accuracy that was super impressive. 

(painting faces and minions on everyone in sight)

There is no better feeling than donating your time for a good cause and while I feel I did only a small part in this very successful event, I walked away feeling like I got more out of the event than anyone. Oh and a few hours laughing with a very dear friend, I could not have asked for anything more!


  1. Such a fun morning! I could draw minions in my sleep!

  2. Awww - I love these photos! Probably because I love the people in them oh so much (except the bald guy, no offense. I'm sure I could grow to love him.) You two have such beautiful hearts, it's no surprise to me you both had so much fun volunteering for such a great cause!


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