Weekend Update

June 9, 2014
It was a fairly low-key weekend in my world... lots of time spent at home, some tooling around denver and seeing family. The weather was also very 'spring', tons of rain, cloudy skies, a bit of hail and cool temps. The phrase 'april showers bring may flowers'  needs to be reworked because here in denver, we are 2 months behind this phrase. 

We grilled up jalapeno-cheddar burgers on friday night to enjoy while wrapping up season 5 of breaking bad. Saturday ryan and I grabbed breakfast at jelly and then spent the afternoon with his family... running errands, eating tacos and then playing a pretty intense game of monopoly. 

Sunday was the busiest day of my weekend... in the morning my family came over to surprise my sister with a new bike as an early birthday present. We took a family bike ride over to the pearl street farmers market for a test-ride and then sampled our way through the rows of booths at the market. Then on sunday night, I got together with my girlfriends for another round of bookclub. Mary was hosting and the plan was to picnic at jazz in the park but the crazy rain forced us inside. I don't think any of us girls cared about the last minute game change though... drinks, fun conversation, super yummy food and laughs made for an awesome evening, regardless of the location.

Oh, and I don't think I have mentioned it here but ryan and I joined a keg kickball league. It was drizzling sunday afternoon but it was our first game so we went out and played. I will admit, I am not crazy athletic and I was a bit nervous about making a fool of myself but it was really fun and everyone on the team are super nice and not super competitive. 


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