Eat This // Mexican Chicken Soup

August 1, 2014
A bowl full of la sandia's flavorful mexican chicken soup is now my prescription-of-choice for my next cold, rainy day or any upcoming meal that is in the south-end of town. Richard sandoval's recipe has everything I look for in a good bowl of soup; an intense broth with great depth of flavor, hearty ingredients that warm you up from the inside out, savory flavors which are balanced with either spice or richness and lastly, a larger portion size.

An order of la sandia's piping hot mexican chicken soup is sure to please even the most discerning palette; tender shredded chicken, tomato-infused mexican rice, herbaceous cilantro, zesty onion, creamy cubes of avocado and a broth that is seriously slurp-worthy. Honestly, this soup impressed me and blew its competition (the pedestrian-style chicken tortilla soup) out of the water. 

I have been thinking about this soup constantly since my bowl last week which is a sign in my world, that I stumbled across something super delicious. So, the next time you are near park meadows mall in denver, or one of richard sandoval's many restaurant across the country, keep your eye out for this soup, it's that good.


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