Weekend Update

August 25, 2014
Between closing on our house to babysitting our nieces to finally, having some much needed down time, this weekend was another goodie. I also am not upset that we have a 3-day weekend after the next few days in the office.

Friday was a pretty big day in my world... we handed over the keys of our house to the new owner and closed on our home. While I know it was the right decision at the right time and everything worked out in our favor in the long run, it is still hard to close that chapter. 

On saturday we ran some errands and had lunch at one of my favorites, larkburger before heading over to my inlaws' house to watch our nieces for the evening. We played house, ran some energy off in a nearby park and just loved up on the girls as much as possible. 

Yesterday we had some more errands in the morning before a very nice brunch for ryan and I at cafe bar. We sat on the patio enjoying a couple bloody marys and just caught up on life over the past few chaotic days. Our close friend josh was celebrating his 31st birthday on sunday too so, we stopped by to celebrate with him for a bit before heading out for a super tasty dinner with ryan's parents. 


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