Weekend Update

September 29, 2014
Fall weekends are the best and this one did not disappoint. Let me start by saying, the weather was fabulous... warm days with a cool breeze and crisp nights that made sleeping with the windows open ideal. 

Friday night we joined our friend brian for some delicious clam pizza at proto's. I had not been there in close to 6 months but I was pleased that the atmosphere and food was exactly the same as before. Good food, great company and just a fun night out.

Saturday I got my hair done and rocco also got a groom. Afterward we met up with our friends matt + lindy for pearl streets' oktoberfest. All the leaves are changing color and starting to fall which just added to the entire experience. I will miss days like this once the snow settles in on a regular basis. 

The weekend ended on an ultra high-note, 5280 magazine's event, 5280 dines which celebrated the 25 best restaurants issue. I will share more on this event later this week but I can quickly say, it was one of the best food events I have been to and the staff at 5280 were more than gracious and executed a near-flawless event.


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