Round Up // Bloody Mary's

November 6, 2014
If you asked me where I would go for my favorite cup of coffee, scoop of ice cream, basket of fries or nearly any other food category under the sun, I would (most likely) have an answer for you. I love eating out, so, I thought I would start a new series sharing where I love to go for specific dishes or items around town.

I would also LOVE to hear from you... if you are looking for a great burger joint, pressed juice, lobster roll, bowl of chili, rotisserie chicken or anything else you can think of, feel free to comment or send me an email. I would love to help you eat and explore your way around denver. 

Today's post is dedicated to my favorite, (and socially acceptable boozy beverage to drink 24/7) the bloody mary!


  1. I tried to go to Le Grand a few weeks ago and it was closed :(

  2. Of all the great bloody marys in denver i haveto go with the Cherry Cricket as a person favorite. Just as you said - not over done!


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