Weekend Update

November 10, 2014
Welcome back from your weekend. I am still adjusting to the reality that it is actually november. Maybe because the weather is so unseasonably warm and there are still leaves on so many of the trees. I cannot complain about the weather though, the sunshine and temperatures were the perfect addition to my weekend.

I spent my friday evening at my friend becca's house. She hosted a bunch of girls in her beautiful home for drinks and snacks. Saturday was then spent shopping and running errands. My mother-in-law found an awesome new drum chandelier at west elm for her dining room which got me excited about finding great fixtures for our new home. We decided to stay in on saturday night and cook a recipe out of my new 5280 cookbook, pappardelle bolognese. It turned out fabulously and was the perfect warm dish to enjoy with a couple glasses of wine on a cool evening. 

Sunday we watched my niece kamryn for the day so there was a lot of snuggle time with her along with coloring pictures and painting nails. We also got to see the broncos beat the raiders so the evening ended on a high-note. 

Snow is on the forecast all week so I think our indian summer is wrapping up. I am going to need to dig out my sweaters, boots and scarves to stay warm! 


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