Weekend Update

December 2, 2014
Wow what a crazy, busy, eventful, family-filled, not-a-moment-to-rest weekend! I had a 4-day weekend that felt like 12 hours and I think my body is feeling the repercussions of the non-stop activity. 

To kick things off, thanksgiving was pretty darn wonderful. While I did not get to spend it with everyone I wanted, the people I was surrounded by made it one of the best I can remember. My parents made a delicious meal, complete with all my favorite dishes. We watched football, laughed and told stories for hours. In the late afternoon, ryan and I headed over to his family's for another tasty meal followed by all of us playing cards late into the evening. 

This past weekend was also our big moving day into our new house. We had quite a bit of help from friends and ryan's family to get everything moved in and much of it unpacked too. It took 2 truck-loads to get everything out of storage and to the new house but it was all-hands-on-deck which make the process pretty manageable. The house is far from 'done' but we spent many hours over the weekend organizing, unpacking boxes and getting things settled in. It was draining and hard but exciting at the same time. 

A major holiday and a big move was not the only eventful things taking place over the last couple of days, my amazing husband also had his birthday on sunday. We got out of the house for a few hours to stop into cherry cricket for some football watching and drinks. Then we managed to squeeze in a birthday celebration hosted at my inlaws', complete with a birthday cake too. 

I am running on caffeine and a delirious-mind over here but I am just so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life to celebrate these milestones with. I hope your holiday weekend was a good one too. 


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