Weekend Update

December 8, 2014
This weekend was another busy one for me but in a very good way. We ate out a lot... due to a lack of time to get to the grocery store and also not being 100% settled into the new house. However, I am never one to turn away a meal-out so, park burger, beatrice + woodsley, denver biscuit company and la cueva were visited this weekend. My stomach thanks all of them for making me one happy diner.

Ryan and I made some good progress on the house this weekend too. We changed out a couple light fixtures, put up window panels in our dining room, finished decorating our office and even put up our christmas tree. It is definitely starting to feel like home which makes coming home less chaotic and more settling every day. 

Rocco is starting to feel more 'at home' in the new house too. He was a very sad boy to leave ryan's parents' house because they too have a yorkie which became rocco's best friend. I think rocco had a hard time understanding why cooper was not at our new house, not to mention, why he was being left at home all day in the new house alone. Luckily I dog-sat my parents 3 pups this weekend so rocco had some playmates in his new house and cooper stopped by as well. 


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