50 Best Things To Eat Right Now // GQ

January 29, 2015
My favorite magazine, gq, put out an article late last year listing out the 50 best things to eat right now. While I am not on board with all 50, I do think the magazine has a great pulse on food trends across the country while also knowing a thing or two about what chefs are cooking up in both big and small restaruants. Below are some of my favorites but make sure you check out the full article here.

toast - this is not a new idea in the food world but the latest toppings are making this simple dish worthy of a second glance... and bite. 

trash fish - move over salmon and halibut... these over-fished proteins are being replaced with humbler choices like mackerel, sardines and gar.

unusual veggies - kale was so 2014, this year chefs are all about lesser-known veggies like mexican gherkins (heirloom cucumbers), burdock root, purslane (a weed-like crispy veg) and spigarello (a leafy type of lettuce).

toasted spices - a great way to add spicy flavors to a dish is with new spices that are going main-stream in the u.s. Keep an eye out for aleppo and espelette in the grocery store; these spices deliver heat in a very pleasant, not painful way.

non-junk junk food - chips, jerky, dips and snacks are being remade with our health in mind. New techniques and healthier ingredients are resulting in snacks that won't leave you feeling like a bloated, salty mess.

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