Weekend Update

January 26, 2015
Hi there lovely readers. I am bouncing back from a horrible migraine that had me down and out  for a good part of yesterday; I feel like I am only functioning now because of my incredible husband. That man, he is a good one and if I didn't know it before (which I did for the record, that's why I scooped him up 14 years ago) I do now.

Saturday morning I got out for a few hours for a very special mom + daughter date. My mom and I went shopping and grabbed lunch just the two of us which I had not done in a very long time. Ryan and I then joined our friends and family to celebrate our close friend shannon's birthday. 

Sunday was pretty slow-moving for me... lots of laziness on my part but we finally got out of the house for brunch at true food kitchen before running a couple errands. I came home afterward and took a nap with rocco and then dragged myself out of the house to meet sara + ashley to see interstellar. I am glad I did because those girls always have a way to lift me up and improve my mood. 

What did you do this weekend? Any big plans you are making for the week ahead? 


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