Our Weekend in Vail

February 25, 2015
This past weekend we packed up our coziest of layers and high-tailed it out of the winter-wonderland-of-denver (there was a big storm that came in dropping over a foot of snow in 36 hours) and made our way to vail, colorado. Ryan and I joined our friends shannon + toby for a a weekend of fun at the beautiful ritz carlton residences.

The weather was quite nice all weekend; a dusting of snow but plenty of sunshine to get out and play in. We hit up the beautiful outdoor hot tub as the sun was setting, listened to live music at tavern  on the square, played cards for hours each day and even spent an afternoon on vail mountain tubing at adventure ridge. This was one of my favorite parts of the weekend; flying down the steep hills of the mountain in our inner-tubes, laughing and screaming the entire time. There were multiple lanes to go down and one of them was a photo lane; ryan and I had the cutest picture that I would have loved to share but it was $20 so, obviously, we didn't buy it. #overpricedkeepsake

We had some fabulous dinners at russel's and mountain standard along with a low-key but crazy delicious bbq lunch at moe's bbq after tubing. The conversation and laughs were never-ending and I could not have asked for better company to make such lasting memories with. This weekend came at such a perfect time and I could not be more grateful.

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  1. This post makes me so happy! Weekends like these are SO valuable to the heart and soul. I'm happy you guys got to getaway and play around for a weekend with delicious eats and drinks! Selfishly I'm jealous it wasn't with us…heehee! But so glad it was with another amazing couple. Love you!


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