Weekend Update

February 9, 2015
This weekend felt like july, not february here in denver. The weather was in the 60s and 70s... there was not a cloud in the sky and I think everyone dropped their plans to play in the sunshine. I had intentions of cleaning the house and getting a couple projects completed but when you are handed a summer day in the middle of winter, you drop everything... which is exactly what I did.

Friday night ryan and I headed up north to visit my seester peyton who has nearly completed her first year of college. We hung out in her dorm, went to dinner at rio and just enjoyed reliving the glory days of college. 

Saturday we dog-sat for my mother-in-law which made rocco a very happy boy. Cooper and rocco played like crazy in the backyard and then had a nice little walk around the neighborhood in the afternoon. Ryan and I ended up snagging a seat at the chef's counter at cholon for dinner that night and had the most entertaining and tasty meal. After dinner we made our way over to matt + lindy's house for late-night beverages and an attempt to watch the interview... but we all were dozing off which just shows that #gettingoldersucks.

Sunday was again gorg so we made our way over to the pioneer for snacks + drinks on the patio with our friends cole + brian. As we sat in the sun telling stories and laughing, I had to remind myself that it is still 'winter' in colorado as it truly felt like a summer afternoon. The day wrapped up with a visit to ella bliss beauty bar as I scheduled a desperately-needed facial. To end the day with such relaxation was like putting a cherry on top of a perfect sundae. 

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  1. Swoon! Can I borrow like 10 degrees or so - I'm not asking for much!


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