The Taste of Home

March 31, 2015
Last sunday I wrote about my family's tradition of eating dinner together every night. The rituals involved, the connections it brought and the memories give me so much appreciation for the time we spent together as a family unit. So many of those meals were family recipes and dishes that I have grown to associate with my childhood; they are the dishes I crave for my parents to make and they are what I want to prepare for my family to enjoy together. 

I stumbled upon this youtube video, flavor of home and it really got me thinking about the tastes of my childhood and my family home. We all have them, those dishes you hold so close to your heart because they bring you back to a moment, a meal, a feeling that you cannot quite describe but it just makes your heart (and stomach!) so full of love. Mine would be roast beef with mashed potatoes + gravy, homemade chicken noodle soup, tacos with fried shells and homemade wonton soup. These dishes were meticulously made with love by my parents and you could taste that in each bite. 

The greatest taste on earth is a meal that brings you back home; no matter how many miles away or how much time that can go by, one bite of a dish from your childhood and you are instantly transported back in time/space to a special place in your heart. I don't know if there is a better meal in the world than one that has so much connection to who you are and where you come from.


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