Weekend Update

March 9, 2015
I am back from a weekend of celebrations and feeling very grateful for the amazing friends + family in my life. There is nothing more important that family and putting your priorities first to create lasting memories with those you love. I will look back on this weekend for a long time to come, wishing to relive it over again.

On friday night we celebrated lindy's birthday with a wonderful dinner at spuntino. We had so much fun telling stories, laughing endlessly and enjoying a tasty meal together. We contemplated ordering dessert at the restaurant but decided instead to stop by dairy queen on the way home (#piggywantsome). Luckily the amazing staff at spuntino would not let us leave without a little bday fun which was very kind of them. 

Saturday was yet another birthday celebration... this time honoring my grandma who was turning 80. Nearly all of my family came together for this once-in-a-lifetime-celebration... aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and significant others came from all over the state to celebrate the matriarch of our family. Since my grandpa's passing in september 2013, our entire family has not all been together so, to have us all in one room for a positive family experience was even more special to everyone in attendance. It was a wonderful night full of smiles and stories... it truly brought me back to my childhood when we all spent so much time together.

The weekend rounded out with more quality time with family... sunday dinner at my inlaws' house. My sister-in-law krista made one of my favorite dishes, her family's german goulash. It was of course so good and I stuffed myself to the brim! Ryan and our nieces put together a beautiful and colorful salad that was so fun to watch them prepare. The evening dwindled away around the dining room table, telling stories and connecting as a family.


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