Weekend Update

April 13, 2015
Hello monday. After a weekend filled with hours logged in the sun, tons of cold-pressed juice, quality time with friends and lots of relaxation, I feel refreshed and ready for the week ahead. 

Friday was the home opener for the colorado rockies which is pretty much a state-wide holiday. The city was buzzing and the weather was gorgeous, making my company's home opening party a major success. 

Saturday morning ryan and I got some stuff done around the house while rocco 'supervised' from the patio. Our pup could not be happier that the weather was in the 70s so he could sunbathe for hours on the outdoor furniture. We met up with matt + lindy and their adorable sons in the afternoon at the pioneer for some patio drinks and snacks before we headed out to celebrate our friend nicki's birthday. The evening bbq followed by cards against humanity turned into a spout of endless laughing and story telling. 

Sunday was a bit more low-key for me. I finally got some artwork up in our bedroom. I am framing some of the cards ryan and I have exchange over the years into a gallery wall but need to get a couple more frames. Ryan and I lounged around before trying out this new gnocchi recipe (fyi... it was amazing and I will be making it again very soon). 

Oh... and the best part of sunday, game of thrones and silicon valley premiered! Could the weekend have ended more perfectly... I think not. 

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  1. Hold on, you missed the part where you explained Ryan's gigantic rifle!! You can't talk about the gnocchi and NOT the rifle!


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