Memorial Day // Weekend Update

May 26, 2015
A long weekend has me feeling refreshed and grateful. I slept in (which never happens), spent time with some family + friends, finally had a few hours in the beautiful sun before the clouds rolled back in but more than anything, really just relaxed with ryan at home. Somehow the weekend escaped me a bit and my iphone never seemed near enough to capture the highs over the past 3 days. However, the memories are rolling through my brain right now and making my heart feel very full.

Memorial day is always a time of gratitude and reflection for me. I think about the members of my family who so selflessly served and/or are currently serving our country and I am grateful for the thousands of people I don't know, who are sacrificing their lives to protect all of ours. I also cannot help but think of my grandpa who was a tanker in the us army; I have shared about him a few times (here and here) over the past couple of years and I feel patriotic holidays will forever be synonymous with him. 

My hope is all of you had fabulous weekends as well. Maybe you were crazy and frantically busy or had a slow and relaxing weekend like me. Whatever you did, I hope you also took a moment to reflect and say thanks for the freedoms we all share on a daily basis.


  1. Those print pants are adorable. My weekend was an equal blend of busy and relaxing (as silly as that sounds). I had 4 days, so 2 were busy (bridal shower prep + hosting) and two were relaxing (home on my parents' farm.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I hope the bridal shower is coming along well. :)


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