Weekend Update

June 29, 2015
I am blessed to have both my family and ryan's family living in the denver-metro area. We typically do not have a weekend that goes by without spending time with at least one side of our families too. This past weekend was the best of both worlds; a little mix of both our families... making memories that will last a lifetime.

My sweet little niece kamryn celebrated her 5th birthday with a bbq on friday night. We sat outside in the warm summer air telling stories, laughing and watching the kids play on the trampoline. Kamryn was so proud that it was her birthday and she was the cutest to watch as we all sang 'happy birthday' in her honor.

Sunday my parents, ryan and I had a belated father's day celebration which included a trip to the farmers market and then brunch at jax fish house. We wandered through the endless booths, talked with the purveyors and sampled our way up and down pearl street in the mid-morning sun. Followed by bloody marys (I had strawberry lemonade, for the record) and brunch, it was the perfect way to celebrate the extremely good men in my life. 

Hope you had a great weekend too... maybe you spent it with your family too! 

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  1. What a fantastic morning/early afternoon. The very best part was the company!!


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