Gothenburg // Part III

July 6, 2015
The last leg of our trip to sweden was filled with sightseeing and taking in all we could of sweden's beauty. Ryan and I spent a full day visiting the archipelago off of gothenburg's coastline. We took a ferry out to brännö which is one of the larger islands situated off of west sweden. Ferries and boats are the only way to access the islands which helped us mentally slow down and take in the coastal scenery.

(the deck on our ferry heading out for a day of island hopping  /  ryan and I  /  a little dock along our way  /  trying not to get blown away on the ferry's deck)

(some of the typical red and white houses which are scattered all over the archipelago  /  two of my favorite houses on brännö; the dark one was a bit modern and the white was very nautical 'east-coast' beach home  /  some of the dozens of bikes lined up near the dock  /  the marina) 

There are no vehicles allowed on brännö so everyone walks or uses bikes to get around. Ryan and I walked up and down the narrow streets on the island and fell in love with the dreamy coastal homes, small sheep farms, quaint gardens and classic swedish houses. The island felt like the ideal place to escape to for a weekend or long vacation away from it all. After a lot of walking and exploring, we stopped into 1 of the 2 restaurants available for lunch and had a delicious fish soup, perfect for the brisk day. 

(gorgeous gardens were just past these old painted fences  /  a huge bread and butter tray before our lunch on brännö  /  our seafood soup, so warm and comforting on a cool day  /  another house I swooned over while exploring)

In the late afternoon, we made our way back to gothenburg for our last evening in sweden. We were introduced to the neighborhood of haga while dining with some of ryan's work collegues earlier in the week, so, we made our way back to that area for dinner at taverna averna. It was a beautifully decorated italian restaurant that had a super tasty buratta salad. The evening wrapped up at heaven 23, the bar in our hotel which is on the 23rd floor of the building. We found ourselves up here a few nights during our trip, to take in the amazing views of gothenburg and to watch the sun set, at 10:30p. 

(these stunning purple blooms are all over gothenburg and are as large as my face  /  one of the historic churches in the haga neighborhood of gothenburg  /  ryan and I at our last dinner in sweden  /  an antique door that I only wish I could capture more accurately in photo, it was so beautiful  /  a little courtyard restaurant off of the main walkway)

Just like so many of our travels before, this trip was filled with endless highs and memorable moments that I will treasure forever. I could not have a better husband and travel partner who's interest and adaptability fall in-line with mine so well. We had the perfect amount of activity and relaxation, just enough adventure to keep things exciting and of course, stunning sights everywhere we looked. This might be our last trip for a while as we prepare to have our bebe this september but I could not have asked for a better 'last hoo-raw'. #babymoon 

(late-night sunsets from an amazing view  /  ryan and I having drinks at haven 23 (don't worry, mine was a mocktail)  /  the sun setting over gothenburg  /  a shot of our hotel, the gothia towers)


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