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December 29, 2011
I think I ate and drank my way through Boulder yesterday.  After our amazing lunch at Pizzeria Locale, we checked into the St. Julien which was opulent and romantic from the moment you stepped out of the car.  The lobby was decorated with beautiful garland, Christmas lights draped all the railings and tons of shiny presents were nestled under the tree in the main entrance. 

After a bit of R&R in the hotel, we headed out to window shop the Pearl Street Mall.  Yes I was still full from lunch but we managed to hit up Zoe Ma Ma for a steamed bun filled with tender pork (Mao) and then to our favorite, Jax Fish House for $1 oysters and a cucumber-vodka press.  I honestly did not need any of them and it was very evident when we went back to the hotel and I changed into my swim suit to go down to the hot tub/pool/sauna.  However, I would not take any of them back (including the Beetnit martini I had with fresh beets and rosemary at the hotel bar before dinner)!

One of my absolute favorite things in this world is what a huge part food plays in my relationship with Ryan.  We have the ability to relate some of the best experiences in our lives with amazing food.  Example: when Ryan proposed, we were picnicking on the famous, prime-rib french dip from Cherry Creek Grill along with a slew of tasty treats.  I love that new experiences, ingredients, restaurants, recipes and just sharing a meal together continues to be what fortifies our relationship. 

Pearl Street, thank you for the hospitality.


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