Welcome to Boulder!

December 29, 2011
My taste buds were over stimulated at the amazing Pizzeria Locale in Boulder, CO yesterday.  Ryan and I took a trip to Boulder to get away for a night and stopped here for lunch per a review I had read.  We were not disappointed with the light and clean flavors of the Marechiaro salad that was full of fresh tuna, shelled beans, briny capers, slivers of green olives and dressed with a squeeze of lemon juice.  Our seat at the bar lent nicely to the pizza makers rolling out fresh dough; including ours for the the Diavola.  The spicy pizza's flavor came from the salame piccante which was evened out by the melt-in-my-mouth mozzarella di bufalo and the san marazano tomato sauce.  OMG... I could have eaten a bowl of the cheese all by its self! 

Last but not least, Ryan and I each had a glass of the crisp and citrusy (I know, that is not a word Gina!) Scarpetta 2009 Sfuso Verdicchio from Marche, Italy.  This wine's on tap at Pizzeria Locale which is a trend picking up in Denver.  It was at perfect balance with our meal and was exactly the welcome I was looking for as I entered into Boulder County. 

More to come from our amazing getaway but this was a great way to kick it off!


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