January 3, 2012

With all the excitement I have had with my new puppy, I have not even had a chance to share my New Year's Resolutions for 2012.  Every year I have the best attempts to stick with an amazing goal and usually I fall short.  However, this year I am trying to stick with attainable and realistic things I can accomplish.

#1: Start a blog!  Check and check.  My best friend Beth was the deciding factor to do this after she shared with me that she had started a blog and also introduced me to so many that I follow now.  I found a connection with people that I know (and don't) on such a deep level.  I also love that it is a creative outlet to share and document your life.

#2: Put down the electronics.  This will be a hard task as goal #1 is directly connected to my computer but a good one because I can often times go a bit over board with my Instagram account (jaimelopez18), solitaire on my iPhone, uploading pictures to my Kodak account... you get the idea.  My goal is to write my blog and then turn off the computer, TV and iPhone to play with my puppy and be present with those around me.

#3: Be a good mommy.  NO... not in the sense of a child but Yes in the sense of my new boy.  Rocco is the closest thing I have to a child and one that I want to put all that I can into.  I want to teach him, play with him and give him the best life I can.

Happy New Year to you and wishing all great success with their resolutions in 2012!


  1. I'm so excited to have a blog! It's beautiful.

    Your faithful reader,

  2. Jaime, I just came across your blog via Breakfast at Toast and in love! I spent a year in Denver (moved from Idaho to Colorado) and now living in Maryland, but I still dream about Denver and a second life in Colorado!

    Can't wait to follow your posts.

    To a New Year and New Friends!

  3. Hi Brittanie!  So great to hear from you and your interest in my blog.  I am still trying to get some content going but thanks so much for your support.  I was in Bethesda probably 5 years ago and thought it was very charming for a long weekend stay.  Hope to hear from you soon!

  4. I know your are going to achieve all of your resolutions!


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