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January 4, 2012
Came across this super cute wreath today that I fell instantly in love with!  I love the shimmery champagne corks that have been painted silver which add some instant glam to the neutral overall look.

Then I started thinking more about it and I could easily make this with the ample supplies (I love me some wine, especially a great bottle of Pinot Nior) I have in my house.  Over a year ago Ryan and I started collecting (saving) all the corks from wine we open and writing the date and special occasion (if there is one) on it.  We have nearly filled the glass vase that holds them.  I love when I get to toss a new cork into the vase and see messages like 'He popped the question!' from Ryan's proposal and 'Girls Game Night' from dinner with my friends. 

I might need to drink a few more bottles to get the desired size and look from the inspiration picture but I am up for the challenge.  Just need some great friends, a fun occassion or lets be honest, just a nigt on the couch to get me started. 

Oh and P.S. I wrote this entire post in this exact pose!

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  1. Count me in for the challenge. See you next Thursday night with a case (or 5) of wine! ;)


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