Photo Challenge - part four

January 22, 2012
Ryan asked me the other day if I was going to do my Photo A Day Challenge on Instagram past the month of January and I quickly replied 'No'.  This is not because I am not 100% enjoying the process but just because it is a commitment I am unsure I can keep up.  I will be honest that I have posted 2 photos a day late from laziness, not a lack of inspiration.  Regardless, here are my last 5 days...

(Day 16: My morning; working out (I will admit, the first in probably a month))

(Day 17: Water in my ultimate favorite, the Ona Pitcher)

(Day 18: Something I bought; Melamine prep bowls from Crate and Barrel)

(Day 19:  Sweet!  In this case, tequila shots with Ryan and Beth)

(Day 20:  Someone I love... the man of my dreams, my husband)


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